The Best Natural Landscapes In Portugal

the best natural landscapes in Portugal

Portugal is a country famed for its natural beauty. From stunning coastal routes to national parks, the best natural landscapes in Portugal can be found all over the country. Let’s take a look at a selection of the finest.


The Azores

Technically, this isn’t in mainland Portugal, but rather scattered across the Atlantic Ocean. These volcanic islands are some of the most beautiful in the world. The landscape is entirely different to that of the Canaries, and is incredibly lush. In fact, parts of the islands appear to be almost tropical. The islands encompass some of the best natural landscapes in Portugal thanks to their geological wonders. There are thermal hot springs, sulphur caverns and to round off, Portugal’s highest mountain, Ponta de Pico.


Cabo de Sao Vicente

This landscape is straight out of a movie set, which makes it one of the best natural landscapes in Portugal. Cliffs tower over the sea and the water is that shade of blue typical to the Atlantic that is impossible to reproduce elsewhere. Cabo de Sao Vicente is actually the most south-western point in Europe and boasts stunning views along the coastline. A lighthouse is the only signifier that humans exist in this isolated stretch of land. The perfect place to go if you want to disconnect and pretend you are the last person on Earth.


Rio Douro Valley

As well as being one of the best natural landscapes in Portugal, it is also one of the longest. Stretching 200 kilometres along the river Douro, you can visit Porto and journey deep into the heart of Portugal. This zone also boasts a staggering number of wineries, which you can visit. Many tourists decide to take a tour through this area simply to visit the wine-making region. This can be done by either boat or train. There are also some pretty impressive dams which showcase the power of the river. They are also great to take a photo with!


Praia da Marinha

Surprisingly, this beach makes the list of the best natural landscapes in Portugal, simply for it’s beauty. It is quite close to the more touristy regions of the Algarve but it frequently wins awards for being Portugal’s best beach. What stands out are the cliffs that tower over pristine sands. The Atlantic winds make this a great place for surfing and add to the ruggedness of the entire vista. You can also try your hand at a variety of watersports here, such as snorkelling and diving.



Again, not on the mainland but still worthy of qualifying for some of the best natural landscapes in Portugal, is Madeira. Madeira, much like The Azores, is quite tropical and has been a tourist destination for years. The beaches are almost Caribbean, the water is a wonderful hue of blue and there are plenty of lush valleys in the center of the island. Best of all, Madeira has a wonderful collection of flora and fauna. So if you want to visit a floating garden and relax on a laid-back little island, visit Madeira.


Rota Vicentina, home to some of the best natural landscapes in Portugal

This is one of Portugal’s most famous hiking paths. It also passes through some of the best natural landscapes in Portugal. It finishes in Cabo de San Vicente after 340 km of stunning landscapes. The route is mostly coastal, so you can see just how beautiful Portugal’s coastline is. This is one of the easiest ways to see some of the best natural landscapes in Portugal and is well worth it. Of course, with the sea being so close by, you can easily incorporate walking, swimming and relaxing!

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