Study visits for schools in Barcelona

schools in Barcelona

Barcelona is a fantastic city to visit for a school trip. There are plenty of cultural, historical and leisure activities to do. So, let’s take a closer look at what schools in Barcelona can do.


Barcelona History Museum for schools in Barcelona

Located in the Barri Gotic, this is one of the best museums for schools in Barcelona to visit. It is filled with interesting information about the city. It explains the importance of the city, not only to the region but to Spain. To give students a better idea about the history of Barcelona, the museum is a must.


Barcelona Cathedral

Although many people assume that the Sagrada Familia is the cathedral of Barcelona, the real religious center is in the Barri Gotic. Barcelona’s cathedral is a great example of Gothic architecture. The views from the top are spectacular, and the history of the church is quite interesting. It was built on an 11th century church and has been the religious heart of Barcelona for centuries. This makes it the perfect place to visit for schools in Barcelona.


The Picasso Museum

Whether your students enjoy his art or not, visiting this museum is a must to gain an insight into the famous Spanish painter. The Picasso Museum in Barcelona is particularly good, and features plenty of his earlier work. This shows his artistic progress and influences, particularly at the beginning of his career. Schools in Barcelona cannot miss out on learning about one of Spain’s most influential painter.


Museu Nacional D’Art de Catalunya

Speaking of art, one of the best places for schools in Barcelona to visit is the National Art Museum of Catalonia. This has some fabulous pieces of modern Catalan art, as well as some interesting church paintings. In fact, the museum has several educational programmes based around the exhibitions. Guided tours inform pupils about Catalan art and they can also participate in workshops.


Camp Nou Experience

For some schools in Barcelona, it might be a great idea to visit the home of Barcelona F.C. The visit includes a tour of the stadium and the museum. The tour informs pupils about the layout of the stadium and the history of the team. It also gives a valuable insight into the management of the club. For sports fans, it is an absolute must.


La Sagrada Familia

The imposing façade of the building also houses a world of delights inside. Tours can take place with a guide or with audio, and both are extremely informative. Schools are permitted to have full access to the cathedral and they can see how it is being built. They will also be taught about Gaudi and the inspiration for the cathedral. This is an especially wonderful place for schools in Barcelona to visit, as there is so much to enjoy.


Barcelona Zoo

The sheer number of species in the Barcelona Zoo makes this a great place for schools in Barcelona. The zoo also has a number of different workshops, in which children can take part in. Students can also learn more about the animals, their habitats and how they live in the wild. The children are also educated about animal welfare and protection of endangered species. Combining fun and learning, the Barcelona Zoo is a real gem and is highly recommended for school visits.


Barcelona Aquarium

Much like the zoo, schools in Barcelona can participate in learning workshops about marine life. They can learn how different animals adapt to different environment, as well as information on how they survive. Students can also get up close and personal with some marine life, which makes the visit all the more enjoyable.

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