Tours and incoming travel agents in Spain and Portugal

Tours and incoming travel agents in Spain and Portugal. There exist many travel companies but there also exist one company where they handlers offer tourist packages for students exchange and visitors from the others European countries. Iberinbound travel agency, customizes all travels and spent arrangements; they undoubtedly can help you with your itinerary on

Douro’s river cruises. Portugal

The Duero (in Portuguese, Douro,) is the most important river in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula. Born in Fuentes del Duero, on the southern slopes of the Urbión peak (Duruelo de la Sierra, Soria), about 2160 m. above sea level, and flows into the Atlantic Ocean in the Porto estuary (Portugal). It is 897

Algarve and Azorean (Açores) Islands in Portugal

Leaning out to the Atlantic Ocean, the Algarve, is the most southern and developed region in Portugal. Algarve is the most visited province in Portugal and one of the main tourist destinations in continental Portugal, to the point that some of the local newspapers have an English language edition. Algarve also owns marshes, and several

The 5 best extreme activities to do in Portugal

extreme activities to do in Portugal

Portugal is mostly known for its cities, like Lisbon, Oporto or Coimbra. It also has plenty of landscapes and gastronomy to offer. But there are many extreme activities to do in Portugal that make this country a perfect destination for adventurous travellers who want to feel the adrenaline running through their veins. We have listed five

Top five kayaking activities in Portugal

kayaking activities in Portugal

For those who want to try something a little different on their holiday, why not try kayaking activities in Portugal? There are plenty of great places to try kayaking and enjoy the beauty of Portugal.   Douro River Kayaking the Douro River is one of the most popular kayaking activities in Portugal. The Douro River

The Best Natural Landscapes In Portugal

the best natural landscapes in Portugal

Portugal is a country famed for its natural beauty. From stunning coastal routes to national parks, the best natural landscapes in Portugal can be found all over the country. Let’s take a look at a selection of the finest.   The Azores Technically, this isn’t in mainland Portugal, but rather scattered across the Atlantic Ocean.

What to see and what to do in Sintra

what to do in Sintra

Sintra is a beautiful city to visit and it’s proximity to Lisbon means that it is easily accessed. Whether you only have one day or longer, let Iberinbound show you the best things to see and what to do in Sintra.   What to do in Sintra: visit the Pena Palace The Pena Palace always

The coast of Portugal, one of the most beautiful in the world

coast of Portugal

The coast of Portugal has never quite gone out of style. From beaches to coves and glamorous fishing villages, there is something to fit every lifestyle and every budget. Here we have compiled a list of unmissable sites on the Portuguese coast. Duñas de Sao Jacinto, the wild coast of Portugal Whilst the dunes may

What to do in Estoril, Portugal

Estoril has long been associated with glamour by the Atlantic ocean. This town on the Lisbon coastline has plenty to offer in terms of food, sights and culture. So join us on a guide of what to do in Estoril. What to do in Estoril: culture and sights Estoril has a wealth of glorious beaches

Segway tour in Porto: a fun way to be a tourist

segway in Porto

Segways have really taken off in the last few years. They are an ingenious and fun way to visit a new city. If you decide to ride a segway in Porto, here is what to see. Fun on a segway in Porto A segway is a bit like a self-balancing bicycle. The good news is