Discover Lisbon, the city of seven hills

Discover Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the jewels of Western Europe. Sitting on the Atlantic ocean and blessed by warm breezes, it is a must-see travel destination. Perfect for a long weekend, discover Lisbon and all it´s delights.

The city of seven hills

The first port of call in Lisbon is to visit the Baixa district. It houses one of the largest squares in Europe, Praca do Comercio. You can see various government buildings, as well as indulge in some shopping. Flanking the square is an arch which connects to Praca dos Restauradores. This is the perfect zone to pick up some artesan crafts and see some street art. Walking around these two squares places you in the heart of commercial Lisbon. Stop to have a coffee and discover Lisbon and it´s daily life.

After passing through this area, you will come to Santa Justa. This lift was designed by the same architect who built the Eiffel Tower. Taking it to the top, you can walk along a terrace which offers breathtaking views over the city. As you reach the end, you will see the castle of Sao Jorge, the landmark of the city. Indeed, from this vantage point you can see the seven hills of Lisbon. If you follow the roll of the hills, you will see that it mimics ocean waves.

The second port of call is Baixa´s hip sister, Bairro Alto. If Baixa is at sea level, Bairro Alto feels like you have climbed to a different Lisbon altogetherl. This district is reminiscent of Montmartre in Paris. It is filled with bookshops, boutiques and tiny eateries. This is the part of the city to come to if you want to really discover Lisbon. It is crammed with bars, with no shortage of places to stop and snack. The most appealing part of this city is full of old-world charm. It straddles the line perfectly between old-world decor and new-world crowds.

Discover Lisbon

Many tourists often head out of the city centre to visit Belem. This houses Jeronimos monastery, as well as the Torre do Belem. The monastery is a UNESCO Heritage site, and offers some spectacular views. The Torre itself symbolizes Lisbon and offers a panorama of Here you can also try the famed pasteles de Belem, small custard tarts that melt in your mouth. After eating your fill, take a walk along the Tagus river. On a sunny day, the promenade is filled with musicians and street performers.

To truly discover Lisbon, you must visit the castle of Sao Jorge. By either taking a vintage tram or walking up, you are greeted with an out-of-this-world view of the city. After entering into the castle, have a glass of wine and seat yourself on the promontory. This looks out over Lisbon and the seven peaks of it´s hills. You can also look out to sea, watching small boats as they bob in the water. Walking through the castle grounds can be hard on your feet, so take time out to view some of the installations in the monument. The birds-eye camera comes highly recommended. This miniature webcam is operated by pulleys, which swing over the city. If all the walking has tired you out, this is a great observation point to discover Lisbon. Even more interesting is that the views are recorded in real-time!

As you descend from the castle, make time to look for the typical Portuguese tiles throughout the city. These can be best viewed from the Santa Lucia viewpoint, which spans over terracotta rooftops. A wondrous end to any trip.

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