Extremadura Adventure Holidays

extremadura adventure

Extremadura is not as well-known as it´s counterpart, Andalucia. However, this region has a lot to offer by itself. If you are looking for an Extremadura adventure, here is our guide to the best activities to do.

Extremadura adventure in parks

The first port of call for any visitor to Extremadura is Monfrague National Park. This place has beautiful forests and rare wildlife. It is common for groups to book bird-watching tours in the park. You can choose to visit the park on foot, by bus or in a Jeep. There are several hiking routes, where you can see the local flora and fauna. If this sounds a little too relaxing, fear not. There are many opportunities for adventure. You can take part in archery, paintball and canoeing. This park proves increasingly popular with adventure enthusiasts, as it encompasses nature and fun. After so many thrills, the park is the perfect place to unwind.

Another great place for an Extremadura adventure is Alqueva Theme Park. This park has watersports, hiking, safaris and star-gazing. You can indulge in kayaking, canoeing and sailing. After all that, you can head into the mountain ranges to see a variety of wildlife. This park is home to badgers, foxes, mongoose and wild boar. All of these can be photographed from a distance and provide a welcome distraction to your hike.

If walking doesn´t take your fancy, you can also try the routes on horseback. Throughout Extremadura, a popular activity is horseback riding. The landscape of the area is perfect for this. You can also participate in mini-gymkhanas as well as orienteering. Perfect for the Extremadura adventure seeker.

If all this doesn´t take your fancy, visit Valle del Jerte Parque Aventura. This is an adventure park, set into the treetops. Here you can swing between trees, slide down ziplines and take part in a variety of games. It is all safety-accredited and even has options for young children.

Beyond the pale

If you really want to immerse yourself in the adventure of Extremadura, you can take part in long-distance cycling tours. A popular option is cycling between the Paradors of Extremadura. However, the distances can be long, totalling 70 km per day! The advantage of these routes is that they take in the best of the area. You can tour through the national park, towns and cities. This offers you an overview of Extremadura, all from the comfort of your bicycle seat.

Adding to this, you can travel to the brink of the Extremadura frontier. The area´s proximity to Lisbon means that you can visit both. A recommendation is to head to Montejunto hill. Climbing this hill allows you to have spectacular views. These are not only of the Extremaduran landscape, but also of Portugal. What better way to have an Extremadura adventure, but see another country at the same time? The area of Montejunto also encompasses wine tasting, ancient ruins and ancient battlefields. There are several museums dedicated to the history of the area. A fantastic bridge between culture and adventure.

Indeed, if your idea of an Extremadura adventure is a little less thrill-seeking, there are many options. There are several walking and hiking tours in the major cities, Trujillo, Caceres and Medida. These can range in difficulty and can be catered to your individual needs. There is always the option to stop off and try some local wine. The area is famous for it´s cured ham, so it would be a shame to miss out!

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