Top five kayaking activities in Portugal

kayaking activities in Portugal

For those who want to try something a little different on their holiday, why not try kayaking activities in Portugal? There are plenty of great places to try kayaking and enjoy the beauty of Portugal.


Douro River

Kayaking the Douro River is one of the most popular kayaking activities in Portugal. The Douro River is one of the major wine making zones in Portugal so many tourists choose to combine the two. What could be better than relaxing after a day of exercise with a cold glass of Portuguese wine? The real highlight of kayaking down the Douro river is that you are greeted by majestic scenery throughout. From rugged mountains to tranquil valleys, you can see the vineyards that populate this area. You can even stop off at one to enjoy a tour, dinner and to try the goods before moving on. A great way to combine kayaking activities in Portugal and tourism!


Sea Caves of Lagos

Lagos is another popular place to try kayaking activities in Portugal. It’s location means that there are some beautiful caves that are perfect to explore by kayak. The rocks are golden yellow, the water is turquoise and the sensation of navigating through hidden caves is truly one of a kind. Despite being out on the open sea, the waters are remarkably calm. Lagos is also a great location for snorkelling and has some truly beautiful beaches. So if you decide to try out kayaking activities in Portugal, you can rest assured that there is plenty more to do too.


Ponte De Lima

This is a hidden gem and is also a great place to try kayaking activities in Portugal. The town itself is in the Minho region and is around an hour from Porto. The town itself is one of the oldest in Portugal, and is truly magical to wander around and take in the sights. You can also kayak from here down the river Lima, which is especially tranquil. The water is gentle, shallow and is the perfect pace for beginner kayakers. Whilst the kayaking itself may not take all day, you can certainly enjoy some time in the sun with some delicious food.


Ria Fermosa wetlands

This is one of the best places to hold kayaking activities in Portugal. The sheer size of the area means that you can easily navigate and take your time. The wetlands house a large nature reserve and natural lagoons that change depending on the tide. The islands in the lagoons house a variety of animal and marine life. Many of them have waterways, which are perfect for kayakers. Springtime is the perfect time to go, thanks to the flowering of the almond blossoms which give the whole area a magical atmosphere. The area is well prepared to receive tourists, and you can either tour on foot or by kayak!


Peneda-Geres National Park

This is one of the more isolated regions of northern Portugal but it is also one of the most famous for kayaking activities in Portugal. Thanks to the mountainous scenery, there are plenty of rivers and waterways. There are also many waterfalls, which provide a beautiful backdrop to kayaking. The park itself is stunning and a site of natural beauty, so it is worth taking your time to enjoy it. Whilst it is more isolated than other options, it is also probably one of the best places to see authentic rural life in Portugal. Enjoying the sights from a kayak is one of the best ways to do this.

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