Know the most touristic cities in Spain

Spain embraces a representative historic past with strong cultural influences. Their architecture, artists, poets, writers and music icons has made of Spain a center for many visitors who love amazing landscapes, dance, Mediterranean cuisine, white beaches and high mountains. The people come to Spain for discover natural gems and taste the warm of a good wine, produced by professional and traditional hands. Each city of Spain has their history, secrets places and the autochthonous traditions which made every place an unique moment of life.  Know the most touristic cities in Spain for their charm and live the experience together Iberinbound and their tour travels packages.

Constitute the capital of Spain; Madrid is the hearth of business market, art industries, politics institutions, urban activities and influences conferences and events. This city offer you galleries and museum dedicated to personal interest and historic moments also has the most important museum of Europe.

In the northeast, we can find the extravagant Barcelona, a province that holds an imposing coast with paradisiac beaches, also is located at few hours to Catalunya, other region known by his historic castles that keep inside, conquest and war stories. A difference of contemporary architecture of Madrid, Barcelona has a modern facade.

Granada (Andalusia) located in the southern Spain, shows a perfect combination of two cultures who live together for many years: Islamic and Iberian culture. In winter, Granada is a place for active sport by their famous Sierra Nevada Mountain. In this sense, one of the most touristic cities in Spain also is Seville, another Andalusia region. This city focuses the traditional Spanish culture with bullfighting and flamenco show.