Know the most touristic cities of Spain Part II

Either to spend a Christmas vacations or make business plans, Spain is a remarkable place to share and live a cultural and historic experience. We know that Spain is one of the most touristic countries in the world, but is important discover specifically the cities that fit with you interesting and personal or family purposes. We cross with the landscape and gastronomy that Spain provides to their visitors causing a desire to return each year to taste it. Know the second part of the most touristic cities in Spain (for read the first article visit: (know the most touristic cities of Spain)) and enjoy it with Iberinbound and their travel agency services:


A place recognized by the name of “the city of three cultures” is certainly an attractive place to visit. Toledo was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO for their Romans who remains a medieval architecture that still in force, also we can find in the heart of the city Romanesque churches, Gothic cathedrals, and literary past (poets and palaces).

Another Andalusia region is Malaga,

a perfect place to enjoy in summer (when the sun offer a rich contrast) nothing better to taste a seafood (fried fish and sardines) in front of some beach in “Sun coast” with a beer and good friends. Being a house of the Picasso arts, this city has inside one of the most iconic museums of Europe, which show the works of this cubism artistic and their 285 pierces arts.



“City of the scientist and arts” is edutainment-technology complex in the city of Valencia that performs a powerful center for students and school tours. This region is identified by their modern architecture, aquariums installations and zoo parks.  The “paella” makes up a big part of Spain’s culinary and especially of Valencia’s gastronomy, in their street we can find many restaurants with the best of this dish.