Sailing in the Mediterranean: A New tourist feeling

As a country with thousands of miles of coast and numerous island groups such as the Canaries and Balearic’s, Spain itself, is a connection to other parts of the world and the starting point of many boats and adventures around the Mediterranean Sea. Since ancient times, the Mediterranean has been crossed by ships from all the coasts of Europe and the world. Gradually, sailors, fishermen and traders were taking possession of this space, appropriating for each of the peoples occupying its shores, while expanding a culture shared by the people of their ports and those who live aboard their boats.

Therefore, the commercial activity in the sea has been growing in the last decade. If you choose Spain for a nautical getaway you’ll find almost 8,000 kilometers of coastline, a pleasant climate especially from March to October, more than 300 marinas, moorings and multiple Nautical Stations equipped for every taste. Nowadays, you can rent a boat and enjoy the sun and crystal clear waters, onboard in the navigation of your life.

In Spain you can sail all year or just in vacations (with family and friends) in a catamaran, sailboat or a motor boat with Iberinbound. With the help of its tour operators, you can sail the seas or make water sports such as windsurfing, diving and water skiing. It’s worth highlighting that if you don’t have nautical knowledge but your dream is to sail, have no worries. Along the Spanish coast many companies have a wide range of nautical charter. You can find from small sailboats to powerboats depending on your degree or put at your disposal experienced crews. Iberinbound Travel offers a professional staff with years of experience in tourism in Spain and Portugal and they know everything about sailing on Mediterranean Sea. Iberinbound, incoming leisure travel agency specialized in Spain and Portugal, Shorex, Groups and also Groups ad-hoc by request, Luxury and VIP destinations offers you a new tourist experience where discover the Iberian Peninsula has never been so wonderful.

You already have Spain for your «seafaring holidays» and you have several options. If you have a boat and the right qualification to sail, you will live the experience of being your skipper on the Spanish coasts of both the peninsula and the Balearic and Canary Islands. Can you imagine feeling the sun’s rays on the high seas and observing the magnificent views of the coast? If you travel in summer, we recommend that you decide in time in which port you are going to anchor and reserve a mooring place. You can load fuel and buy the necessary in the marinas.

You don’t have a boat or nautical knowledge but your dream is to sail? Do not worry! Along the Spanish coast Iberinbound has a wide range of nautical charter. You can rent from sailboats to small motor boats depending on your qualification or experienced crews will be at your disposal. There is no longer an excuse for not enjoying the sea, whatever your age or navigation experience.

A world of activities at sea

Do you think that when you disembark your nautical adventure will be over? Nothing is further from reality, because the Nautical Stations will allow you to practice varied sports. For the brave, windsurfing, surfing, kitesurfing, parasailing, jet skiing or water skiing are good options. Do you prefer something less risky? Try sailing, kayaking, sport fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving. You will never forget the beauty of the seabed of Spain! Do not worry about the necessary equipment, because they will be provided. In addition, there are introductory courses for first timers.

What are you staying with? With the extensive beaches and the light of the Mediterranean and the tranquility of the Mar Menor, with the ideal winds for the Cantabrian sail and its cliffs, with the beauty of the estuaries of the Atlantic coast or with the impressive seabed of the islands? In all these sites you will find Nautical Stations and locations with beautiful monumental complexes. Whatever your choice, you will discover all the beauty of our seas in a simple way. Because Spain knows the sea, furrows its waves, dive into its waters and feel the freedom that will accompany you on your navigation.