Route from Lisbon to Madrid

From Lisbon to Madrid A beautiful tour that will make you repeat to discover new corners and details, as you will watch in the video. Iberinbound incoming travel agency in Spain and Portugal, MICE, specialized in Group tours if they are Corporate, Educational, Students, Leisure , ad-hoc groups and Shorex. Wine tours for groups

MICE and Corporate bleisures in Spain and Portugal, with Iberinbound

According to some experts, bleisure is the buzzword in MICE tourism. In other words, the crux is in creating an offer that combines business and pleasure. For this, and in a context where interest in gastronomy is booming, a differential factor may be the inclusion of culinary experiences according to new trends. Surely, the satisfaction

Unique and almost unknown destinations in Portugal

Piódão A village that seems taken from a tale.Piódão is for many, one of the most beautiful villages in Portugal, a site that is classified as protected and is part of the Historic Villages of the country. All their houses are of rustic construction, with roofs and slate walls obtained from the same mountain, a

The famous Caravaca Cross. Its origin? Murcia. Spain

What is the jubilee year?A year of faith, reconciliation and solidarity that shines with its own light in Caravaca de la Cruz, one of the five cities in the world that enjoys the so-called Jubilee Year in perpetuum. There are years that shine with their own light and of which you have probably heard about

El Escorial Monastery. Spain. Royal burial vaults. Pantheon of the Kings

At Iberinbound Travel we are specialized in discovering special places for the enjoyment of travelers who trust us, taking care of all the details so that it becomes a unique experience, whatever the choice and taste of our customers. One of these preferred destinations at the time of organizing a group excursion, whether for pedagogical

Know the most touristic cities of Spain by the hand of Iberinbound Travel

Spain is characterized by colorful regions, vibrant and full of cultural traditions. In the south of Spain, we can find the hearth of Spanish folks and their manners combine with blue skies and white villages. It’s unavoidable thinking in Spain without girls dancing flamenco in their red and black dresses while drinking sangria, as long

The Flysch Route: cliffs with 50 million years of history. Basque County Spain

Spain is full of stunning natural settings. However, there are some places that are especially fascinating. One of these is the Flysch Route on the coast of the Basque Country, northern Spain. Come and accompany us on a journey along the coast of Guipúzcoa and admire one of the most spectacular areas of cliffs you

Wine tours in Spain with Iberinbound Travel

The origins of wine in the Iberian Peninsula date back 5000 years B.C. with remains of elements for the fermentation and maintenance of wines in the Bullas area. The elaboration methods have evolved to the present day, being in the last 60 years when the improvement, in techniques and qualities, has been especially relevant.The first

Seville April Fair. Spain.

The Feria de Abril de Sevilla, «Seville April Fair» is held in Andalusian capital of Seville, Spain. The fair generally begins two weeks after the Semana Santa, or Easter Holy Week. The fair officially begins at midnight on Saturday, and runs seven days, ending on the following Saturday. Each day the fiesta begins with the

Educational Tours in Spain. Live the experience

If you are a student and you want to learn about Spain and Portugal history and culture, you only have to require a budget adapted to your school needs and those of your students group and set the more favorable date to Iberinbound Travel , leading incoming travel agency for Student and Educational Tours