Spanish food: a gastronomic gem by the hand of Iberinbound Travel

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When you travel with the desire of living a truly touristic experience while leaving everything in expert hands you must count with an incoming travel agency who offers a variety of options and possibilities of travel a whole county in a few days, only knowing the attractive touristic and their hidden secrets, as the history, architecture and other cultures influences. Iberinbound Travel is an incoming travel agency specialized in Spain, Portugal and groups, dedicated to tourism travels, educational tours, leisure activities, wine and gastronomy tours.

If you plan to visit Spain soon, you must know the history and evolution of Spanish cuisine. The principal reason is the European influences of their dishes and the unforgettable flavor of Mediterranean gastronomy. Every culture has their own ingredients and little secrets within their preparation forms that go on from generation to generation, even in persons of other countries that visit Spain and learn the recipes and culinary tastes.

The Mediterranean diet was declared Cultural Heritage in 2010 by the UNESCO, this classification belong to eleven European countries and among them Spain is the protagonist of this gastronomy area.

The Spanish cuisine its represent a set of skills, knowledge, symbols, rituals and traditions developed in crops, harvesting, fishing, animal husbandry, growing vegetables, storage, preparation and cooking, every step and preparations has artisanal process and many restaurants keep it the fragrance and the taste of Mediterranean cuisine. Has been considered since 1993 by the Harvard School of Public Health, that Mediterranean food has high nutritious levels and it’s considered as a healthful way of eating.

The history of Spanish cuisine is one of the most diverse and interesting of the world, the Romans contributed whit the use of olive oil and wine in the preparations, the Arabs brought the “gazpacho” (a soup make with raw vegetables, olive oil and vinegar), the American conquest provided news vegetables and ingredients like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and cocoa.

One of the most representative culinary techniques in the northern Spain is the roast of meat prepared in ovens. In areas more mediterraneans, close to sea, the “Paella” is the traditional Spanish dish made with rice, vegetables, seafood, chicken and pork.

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