Live the experience: being part of a leisure group with Iberinbound. A segway tour.


Sharing with family and friends new challenges is a whole experience for build memories and gain new perspectives. When you are traveling with them to a new country, a host of possibilities appears and the ideas don’t stop. You want to have the best city break ever with the necessary help for make it possible. Nowadays, those companies that are dedicated in tourism have special group plans.

In the case of Iberinbound Travel, incoming travel agency specialized in Transfers and sightseeing in Spain, the routes are focused in known in a short time, the most touristic points and its influence in the city. You can travel to a city with leisure groups and join with people who want to live the experience with you, like your friends and also your family. A city like Barcelona doesn’t need introductions, its architecture and monuments make it an open-air museum; its regular cultural activities in every corner are an example of what a developed city can achieve.

– Rent a Segway in Barcelona and enjoy the environment an ecological way, it’s a great adventure that every student and tourist should do during their stay in the city. The main reason is by the comfortable and fast that can be use a Segway like a transport mode. Also, thanks to it runs on electricity, a Segway is an ecofriendly vehicle, ideal for the conditions of the earth planet and its environmental pollution, consequence of the massive use of fossil fuels and big industries.

– Rent a Segway in Sitges. Discover the city of Sitges in the most fun way you can imagine and in just 2 hours !!! Segway along the Paseo Marítimo and enter the Jardines de Terramar where you can check the adaptation of this fabulous device to a terrain similar to the mountain. Stroll through the old town and so dive into the history of this villa.

The beach of Sant Sebastián to the Passeig del Balmins. Go back through the oldest area of ​​the city.

The Maricel Palace one of the most emblematic buildings in Sitges. Forming part of Maricel’s artistic ensemble, also receives the name of Maricel de Terra as a differentiation from the museum also known as Maricel de Mar.

Iberinbound Travel in their tour packages offers many options to the visitors of the principal cities in Spain and Portugal; among them we can find cultural and gastronomy tours in Segway, excursion to the beach, reservations for flamenco show and a lot more.