The 5 best extreme activities to do in Portugal

extreme activities to do in Portugal

Portugal is mostly known for its cities, like Lisbon, Oporto or Coimbra. It also has plenty of landscapes and gastronomy to offer. But there are many extreme activities to do in Portugal that make this country a perfect destination for adventurous travellers who want to feel the adrenaline running through their veins. We have listed five places to feel the rush.

1.- Extreme sports in Praia da Luz, Algarve

20 minutes by car from Praia da Luz, from the Alvor airstrip, enjoy an incredible adrenaline rush. You can experience a free fall of 4,000 m. Landing by parachute while enjoying stunning views of the Algarve coast and the Monchique mountain range will be an unforgettable experience. If you prefer, you can also take classes to learn to jump solo.

Just 30 minutes away you will find a new circuit of cars and karting for adults and children. They organize races and circuits outside the track. At 950 meters high, follow the dirt tracks and be careful with the jumps as you go down the highest mountain of the Algarve on your mountain bike. Strong emotions guaranteed!

You can rent jet skis on the beach in front of your apartment. The calm crystalline waters are the perfect place to reach a dizzying speed.

2.- Bes activities to do in Portugal: try Madeira

The Island of Madeira is 58 km long and 23 km wide. More than enough space to practise some of the best extreme activities to do in Portugal. Madeira has no sandy beaches since it is an island of volcanic origin. The place is famous for the many trials that can be walked along the waterways that cross the island. There are several levels of difficulty. In Pico de Areeiro and Ruivo you will find the highest peaks, therefore, it is a place frequented by trekking and climbing enthusiasts. Another good option is surfing in Paul do Mar and in São Vicente. But if you prefer to practice scuba diving, Porto Santo has 9 km. of beach to go underwater and enjoy the seascape. You might get to see some sunken ships. You can also rent a bike and tour the island in a nice and different way that will surely leave you wanting to go back.

3.- Hydrospeed in the Miño River, one of the unknown extreme activities to do in Portugal

The hydrospeed was born in France and is ideal for those who feel good in the water and like to challenge nature. The goal is to follow the current downstream, trying to choose the best path in terms of obstacles, such as rocks and rapids. What makes it funny is that you sail on a board, facing down, with only your head and arms to help you. The beginning of the course takes place in Spain, a few kilometres behind the border, near the dam of Frieira. The route is about 18 km and might take up to two hours depending on the flow and other variables

4.- Surf Camp Portugal, Ericeira

The Surf Camp-Portugal in Ericeira offers excellent prices in surf lessons, as well as accommodation in a great atmosphere. Learn to surf and follow guided surfing excursions with certified instructors who know the best places to surf in Portugal. Portugal Surf Camp is just 200 meters from the beach in the beautiful Ericeira. A perfect surf destination both for beginners and more experienced surfers. Portugal is the European Mecca of Surf and Ericeira is home to many professional surfers.

5.- Pena Aventura Park

The Pena Aventura Park is a playground for recreational activities and adventure sports for everyone. It includes many outdoor activities and that is why it closes our list of extreme activities to do in Portugal.  It opened its doors to the public in 2007. Today it is considered one of the main tourist attractions in the north of Portugal. Located in Ribeira de Pena, district of Vila Real, it is 60 minutes drive from Porto and 45 minutes from Braga, two of the main urban centres of the country. Its geographic location, next to the Natural Park of the Alvão, makes it very interesting in terms of landscape, geology and biodiversity. Its activities are spread over a total area of 16 hectares. There you can enjoy the perfect symbiosis between nature and adventure. You can fly in one of the greatest Fantasticables in the world, slide down the mountain between curves and counter-curves, know the steep descents of the Poio River or the rapids of the Tâmega River. In short, you will challenge your physical and mental limits.

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