Canary Islands Gastronomy | The best food is eaten in this paradise

Canary Islands gastronomy

You can always know a land through its gastronomy. That might be why we have started to say that we are what we eat. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Canary Islands have a kitchen full of contrasts. On one hand you can taste well-seasoned dishes and, on the other, very fresh and healthy ingredients.  The very soft climate and the volcanic soil give fruit a special flavour. Discover the Canary Islands gastronomy, born in a  paradise for the eyes, and also for the rest of your senses.

The Canary Islands gastronomy and their local products

In the Canary Islands gastronomy, some of the most characteristic ingredients are millo (the name that canaries give to corn)  or potatoes. Due to the volcanic origin of the land, they have a different texture than you might expect. You will also find a great variety of fish native to the area.  And, of course, the internationally recognized Canarian banana,   one of the most complete and tasty fruits that exist.
But if something elevates the Canarian cuisine over others, this is its products with Denomination of Origin. In almost all the islands you will find delicious wines with their own designation of origin. You will be able to feel the strength of the volcanoes in each sip. Also, their traditionally made cheeses, such as the Majorero, Palmero or Flor de Guía have wide recognition around the world. Try them alone or pair them with the area wine. Either way, you will enjoy them.

Tapas and typical dishes

A gastronomic tour of the different islands will bring you pleasant surprises.  Although they all share a common culinary tradition, each one has been able to give a special touch to the different dishes.

The papas arrugás con mojo picón (crumpled potatoes with a Canarian spicy sauce) might be the best known dish of the Canary Islands gastronomy. Along with the escaldón, a dish made with gofio (corn flour) and fish stock. You can taste them in a wide range of restaurants specialized in Canarian cuisine, as well as other typical dishes:  ropa vieja, sancocho, carajacas …

The star of the Canary Islands gastronomy: papas arrugás con mojo

How to make the mojo

To prepare the typical Mojo Picón, the first thing is to soak some dried peppers for one hour. Once this time has passed, they drain, the seeds are removed and the rings are cut. On the other hand, peel and cut into pieces some garlic. Put everything in a mortar with salt, cumin and paprika and mash until you get a smooth paste. The oil is added, little by little, while it continues to grind. And that´s it!

How to make the papas arrugás

What you have to do first is to wash the potatoes well without peeling them. Make sure you remove all the rests of soil. Then, you have to place them in a large pot and add some water is added. Be careful here, as water has to just cover the papas. Cover the potatoes with a clean cloth, add some salt and bring everything to boil. Let it boil until it is well cooked. The water will evaporate almost completely, but you don’t have to add any more. It takes some intuition to know when the potatoes are enough cooked. When you feel it is time to do so, remove the rag and sprinkle the potatoes with some more salt. Bring them to boil again, until the potato skin is full of wrinkles. There you have your papas arrugás.

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