Enjoy urban transport in Barcelona with leisure groups

A developed city is the one that thinks in a sustainable urban mobility. In Barcelona, one of the most important cities in Spain, are increasingly the options to travel and know the city through an ecological way. For example: the Segway and bike tours. The benefits of use the Segway applies not only for sightseeing; it also guarantees a way of fast, comfortable and fun transportation. For tourism purposes, the Segway allows to the visitors live a new recreational activity within the city, in which they can tour the most important places (museums, galleries, restaurants and parks) and be in touch with the gems of Barcelona city as Paseo del Prado.

The Segway is a two-wheeled vehicle that can be used by one person, of any age, and has an easy handling that makes it the ideal transport to visit any city through an exciting experience and without getting tired. It’s therefore not surprising that it’s increasingly demanded by users regarding leisure activities related to tourism option.

There exist many companies in Barcelona who rent a Segways and bring plans for group rides; one of them is Iberinbound, an incoming travel agency specialized in tourism in Spain and Portugal. They count with all necessary to bring you an extraordinary experience in Segway, from guides and custom calendar to important routes; visit the hearth of Barcelona has never been so enjoyable. In fact, before of any tour, the guides even explain the mechanisms of the Segway and define all the points of arrival established in the tour.

Thanks to Iberinbound you can appreciate Spain and especially Barcelona from another perspective, of course, more responsible with the environment and accessible for everyone, in which, the main objective is sharing with other persons and appreciate the architecture and monuments from a view closer and connected with the vibe of Spanish people.