Route through fishgrills on the Cantabrian coast

Route through fishgrills on the Cantabrian coast with Iberinbound Travel

Now that the weather is still mild and the great summer heat has not here yet, what better way to enjoy a few days of vacation than paying homage to the best seafood grills on the Cantabrian coast.

For those who wish to visit the Basque coasts and to spend the day in one of the neighboring towns, a lunch or dinner in one of the fishgrills that the Cantabrian coast offers can be a success.

The best Cantabrian bites on the table in places like Pedreña, Somo, Castro or Isla. From the typical Santoña anchovies to a good seafood paella, sardines or some rich and succulent barnacles.

Iberinbound presents you a route to taste the best prominent products offered through fishgrills on the Cantabrian coast.

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Wild fish on “Isla”

. The best wild fish in the area such as turbot, sea bream or sea bass.

. We also find to snack on rations of barnacles, prawns or clams “the good ones” and the typical Cantabrian anchovies. All fresh product from the area itself.

Cuttlefish and onions in Santoña

. Impossible not to go and sink your teeth into their rations of sardines, belly or ‘cuttlefish’ with onions -what is known as squid-, collected directly from the coasts of Santoña and Laredo.

Grilled sardines in Pedreña.

. South of the Bay of Santander, in the municipality of Pedreña, savor the sardines, the bonito and the sea bream.

. Large fish to share, which are grilled open at the back “. With excellent views of the bay of the Cantabrian capital, enjoy portions of mussels or the typical squid with a good ‘marianito’ wine.

Rice with lobster in Somo.

. In the summer town of Somo, famous for its surfing hobby, savoring anchovies, grilled shrimp or razor clams, as well as many other delicacies.

. The rice with bovagante and also the variety of salads such as spider crab, prawns and pink sauce or cod.

Iberinbound Travel caters for those who expect the very best of everything and appreciate the extra touches that make a great tour even greater.

Our knowledge of the country and efficient negotiation with our suppliers ensures the best value for money for our clients.