Reach fullness by practicing yoga in Ibiza (Balearic Islands) Spain

Yoga opens a door to transformation. When we distance ourselves from the routine, we abandon old patterns and habits for a few days, we take care of ourselves and experience deep rest, we can see ourselves with a new perspective, incorporate small changes and start building the life we ​​would like to live.

And when the yoga room is the cliff with the sound of the sea, allowing you to breath the fresh air, then you reach fullness.

Achieving fullness Practicing yoga transforms our way of choosing, leading us to a State of consciousness where we can improve our condition.

If you want to spend a few days learning new yoga styles and practicing in nature, get to know inspiring teachers in depth, share with students of different nationalities and come home with new tools for your personal transformation, join Ibiza international yoga retreats at English or yoga getaways and retreats in Spanish.

The White Island, Ibiza, has earned worldwide recognition for many reasons, and its beaches are one of them. With more than 100 beaches and coves scattered throughout Ibiza, the options of places to enjoy the sun and the transparent waters of the island are endless. There are beaches for all tastes, whether you are looking for areas adapted to families, or if you want to access hidden corners to relax or a rocky cove where you can snorkel. Discover the beaches closest to the resort with its characteristic environments.

Cliff jumping
Discover the thrill of jumping from a cliff to the crystal clear waters of the island. After a presentation of the theory and some stretching, it’s time to dive!

SUP AND Kayaking
Stand up paddle, also known as SUP, is a great training and fun activity. Feel in harmony with nature as you navigate through the blue sea and explore the beautiful coast. Some excursions will take you to preserved places to snorkel, where you can take a break and cool off with a bath while watching the dazzling marine life beneath the surface.
For the most active, eager to explore the beauty of the island, kayaking along the coast and through its hidden caves is an unforgettable experience. Combine discovery and training with this activity.

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