SPAS in Andorra. A relaxing experience

Andorra is a country where relaxation is a real way of life: spas, massages, innovative treatments … Do you want to live relaxing experiences? We propose to disconnect and take care of you in the thermal centers and spas of Andorra. You can try, at your whim, the different treatments and water circuits that they offer you.

If you want to disconnect from your day to day, the wellness centers and spas bring you the best body treatments of the moment.
Macro complexes of thermoludism and which are international references. Innovative concepts, based on leisure and relaxing properties of hot springs, aimed at all audiences. Light and sound shows, indo Roman baths, Aztecs, Arabs and numerous proposals based on jets, bubbles, temperature changes … They are open all year, offering a warmth that is even more pleasant during the winter season.

Many of these amenities are also available in the numerous wellness centers of the Principality of Andorra. Private centers offer a wide variety of body and facial treatments, some of them based on the latest technological advances and others inspired by the ancestral knowledge of alternative medicine. Massages of all kinds, aromatherapy, reiki, foot reflexology, etc.

If you thought that relaxation was a luxury that only a few can afford, in Andorra you will discover that it is not so. Our wellness proposals are aimed at all types of travelers, regardless of their age, tastes or budget. You can enjoy that luxury including hotel nights, tickets to shows or discounts for the winter season. Its waters offer rest and relaxation to adults and also to children, as the little ones can enjoy Likids, a thermal spa aimed specifically at them, where they will find games of jets, bubbles, workshops and much more.

In addition, many wellness centers specialize in very specific travelers. This is the case of decontracting massages, which will appreciate skiers and other athletes, or massages for lovers, perfect for those traveling as a couple to the Principality. And again, children can also be protagonists of Magical Child massages, aimed at those between 0 and 14 years old. They deserve it too!

Shopping in the shops of Andorra is one of the great attractions, both for Andorrans and for tourists. The variety of stores and shopping centers allows any customer to find what they are looking for, be it fashion, accessories, perfumery, electronics, sports, optics and many other options. And all businesses work with world-class brands. In addition, the Principality has a low taxation policy, which is reflected in the prices: the products for sale are significantly cheaper than in neighboring countries, Spain and France.

However, although Andorra adopted the euro as current currency in 2014, it must be taken into account that Andorra is not a member of the European Union. Therefore, there are limits as to the amount of products that you can pass through the border back to your country; It is what is known as customs franchise.

Eating in Andorra is a pleasure that adapts to your preferences and your pocket. The gastronomic offer is aimed at all types of palates, in restaurants with traditional or international cuisine.

In addition to tasting the homemade cuisine of Andorra, in these establishments you can feel the pleasure of eating between mountains, next to rivers of crystalline waters, at the bottom of green valleys … Experiences that go beyond the table and that you can only live in the Country of the Pyrenees.

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