The Algarve in Portugal, blessed with incredible places to visit

The Algarve in Portugal claims to have the best beaches and coves in Europe, but also captivating villages with an incredible cultural heritage. If you plan to travel to this region of southern Portugal be prepared to know the best that it contains in your gut. After 15 years of experience Iberinbound Travel, incoming travel agency in Spain and Portugal , shows you here only some of the countless places and guides you, so you know what to see and do in this little piece of the world that dazzles with its light, which treasures paradisiacal beaches, which offers delicious cuisine , who takes pride in their customs, but above all, who has an extraordinarily friendly people who are always willing to show you the best of their land. We are leaders in Group tours if they are Pilgrimage, Educational, Students, Leisure, ad-hoc groups, Shorex, MICE.

Cacela Velha is one of the great jewels of Algarve. It is located immersed in a virtually unaltered natural landscape and on a hill from which you can see stunning views of the Ria Formosa and the Atlantic Ocean. It is a must for any traveler who wants to know the best and most authentic of the Algarve. Coming here is a gift for our senses.

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by imagination. Imagine that you are immersed in a place in the world where time seems to have stopped years ago; a virtually unaltered natural site; an enclave with stunning panoramic views of a river and the sea; a corner of the planet dotted with a gentle coastal breeze in which distant squawks of seagulls flood the atmosphere under a radiant and beautiful blue sky.

This place where you are, surrounded by extensive dune systems and pine forests, is one of those places in the Algarve that has preserved its natural heritage, its architectural heritage and the essence of the Portuguese people.

Cacela Velha is a postcard village whose landscape that surrounds it leaves you in love.
It is the best viewpoint on the sea and the islands of the Ria Formosa Natural Park cover 18,000 hectares and is protected from the sea by five barrier islands (Barreta Island also known as Desert Island, Culatra Island, Armona Island, Tavira Island and Isla de Cabanas) and two peninsulas (the Ancão peninsula, better known as Faro Island and the Cacela Peninsula), a place that admirably treasures great charm and serenity and is therefore a must for any traveler who wants to know the best and more authentic of the Algarve.

Pego do Inferno is one of the most bucolic and beautiful landscapes of the Algarve. It is a place formed by a small waterfall of the Asseca River and a pool of radiant greenish tone at its feet. It is located in Santo Estêvão, just 7 km away. from Tavira. So far hundreds of vacationers approached to counteract the effects of the stifling heat of the summer season. No doubt, you will believe in paradise.

Tavira is the most beautiful and charming city in the Algarve. It sits on both sides of the Gilão River, in the Natural Park of the Ria Formosa and a few minutes from the province of Huelva in Spain. The two halves of Tavira are connected by several bridges, highlighting among them the Roman Bridge. Here you will stop for a long time to take beautiful photos.

Did you know that in one of the beaches of Tavira there is an anchor cemetery? Yes, that’s what they call it. The place is most curious with its hundreds of gigantic anchors resting in the dune area next to Playa del Barril (Praia do Barril) carefully placed in straight lines. Its existence is witness to the past tuna Algarve. In 1960, when the site was closed due to the low profitability of tuna catches, the anchors that supported its nets were removed and collected here. Without a doubt, a place of the most photogenic and that will also wake up your five senses.

There are still some corners of the Algarve where the estuary and the sea are the protagonists of the lives of its inhabitants. Olhão is one of them, a place where, although more and more is dressed for tourism, at the moment it seems to be able to preserve its more traditional essence. On the banks of the Ria Formosa, specifically on Avenida 5 de Octubro, one of the town’s icons, its food market, is located. Entering in the morning very early and seeing its stalls full of fresh fish and seafood is something you should not miss.