The Ebro river Delta. Tarragona. Spain.

The Ebro Delta Natural Park, located in Tarragona, is one of the most curious places in Catalan geography. It is a Spanish protected natural space located at the mouth of the Ebro river, the largest in Spain, in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia, between the Bajo Ebro and Montsiá regions. It was declared a natural park in August 1983 and expanded in 1986. Its kilometer-long beaches, its rice fields stretching towards infinity, its network of paths and, of course, the majestic Ebro River, form a landscape that is truly different from any.

Birdwatching in the lagoons
Any time of the year is good for one of the most popular activities in the Ebro Delta: bird watching (or birdwatching). Of course, depending on the season you will find more or less birds and a greater or lesser variety of species. Some of them have stable colonies there, such as the showy flamingos or the elegant egrets, and others are only seen in the Delta during the summer season (imperial heron, cangreje egret …) or winter (alcatraz, cormorant grande …).

The most relevant lagoons at the ornithological level are protected, but the vast majority have areas adapted for sighting, from small huts to observation towers.

Stroll through the Punta del Fangar
The Ebro Delta Natural Park houses several protected areas with totally or partially restricted access. One of those areas is Punta del Fangar, a peninsula of 400 ha. in the north of the Delta where terns and seagulls usually nest. The most striking thing about this place is its desert aspect, with its peculiar mobile dunes stretching for 6 km along the sea. To walk around Punta del Fangar you have to leave your car at the Restaurant Vascos. If you go in time and want to walk you can get to the «Far del Fangar«.

Among the distractions, an eventual dip, the obligatory photos and the omnipresent wind. You will enjoy a lonely landscape, like a movie, and you can take a bath at any time without having to fight for the site.

Kayak the Ebro river
Beautiful route between Miravet and Benifallet, but these towns are located about 60 km from the Delta. Practice kayaking in the Delta itself, specifically in the vicinity of Deltebre. Kayaking involves a good dose of effort and patience (especially to coordinate as a couple), but the experience is fantastic. Sailing on such a huge river is impressive.

Eat a good rice
Everything revolves around rice in the Ebro Delta, one of the three places in Spain with Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P). The rice fields, those huge fields flooded with water that are lost on the horizon, are the main protagonists of the landscape and have transformed life in the Delta de l’Ebre since the 17th century. Especially that of humans and birds. Today, for example, there is no restaurant in the area that does not offer rice on its menu. Delicious.

Discover local traditions
Luckily, in the Ebro Delta there are many people and entities committed to the land and aware of the heritage, cultural and natural value of everything they have. Put your feet in the mud, learning traditional games and watching skillfully handle different fishing gear, as well as the famous fishing boats.

Another essential place to learn about traditional activities such as fishing and to learn about the importance of salt, the behavior of birds and the problems facing the Delta. This is Món Natura Delta de l’Ebre. Its 360º viewpoint with telescopes to observe the birds of the Tancada and the perching boats. You can put your skills to the test! It is also essential to visit the Casa de Fusta, an old hunting house.

Watch the spectacle of kitesurfing (or practice it!)
One of the must-see places in the Ebro Delta, yes or yes, is Playa del Trabucador, a 6 km beach that stretches from the south of La Tancada to Punta de la Banya, a restricted access area. This beach is unique for several reasons. To begin with, the sea bathes it in the East and in the West, so when you travel it you see the sea on both sides. And that is its second peculiarity: at some points it is really narrow … about 50 meters separate its two banks. But the most striking thing visually is the kitesurfing show.

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