Groups tour to Toledo in Spain

Groups tour to Toledo in Spain.

If we want to talk about Spanish history and architecture gems, we need to mention Toledo and their cultural center.

Being one of the most touristic cities in Spain, for many years this regions have been influenced by Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultures; we can see these arrivals in the diversity of monuments in every corner of the city and in the building facades.

The topography of Toledo is a peculiar characteristic that defines it like a recommend touristic attractive in Spain and even Europe.

Iberinbound Travel invites you to take a city break and know the best of Toledo, their hot places and their historical secrets.Our incoming travel agency has a powerful experience in tourism and business trips, we are leaders in cultural destinations in Spain, including Toledo as one of the principal chooses. Iberinbound Travel shows you the legacy of this city and its cultural and historical past, which made the Spain that today we know.

Know and live Toledo and their touristic jewels with Iberinbound Travel

. Amazing landscapes in high views: Toledo has the most wonderful views in Spain with the Tajo River and the labyrinth of building and houses in the line, the viewpoint of the valley, located a few meter of the Alcantara and San Martín bridges.

. Medieval architectures: The two emblems of Toledo history can be summarized in two buildings. First, we have Santa Maria la Blanca, the oldest synagogue still standing in Europe. Was built in the reign of Castilla by Jewish and Islamic architects. The second essential place is the “Monastery of San Juan de los Reyes”.

. Museums and galleries: In Toledo we found the Museum of Santa Cruz, located next to the Plaza de Zocodover. It’s a group molded by former Santa Cruz Hospital and the Convent of Santa Fe that, after rehabilitation have become a cultural space with many artistic exhibitions. Also we find the Victorio Macho museum, a sculptor who developed his artistic activity during the past century.

Toledo’s Wine tour and tasting

. Wine is one of the main export products in Spain. All around the country, we can find a variety of vineyards and fruit strains by the climatic conditions of each region; that which produces a distinct and appropriate wine to each environment and taste. The Spanish wine is recognized worldwide for its particular taste and the different varieties found in the market. For this reason, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country is its wine and gastronomy tours.

. Iberinbound Travel and its incoming travel agents will organize a wine and gastronomy tour around the most important wineries in the region, while visiting Toledo for you and your family or friends. In one day, you can delight your palate with drinks and liqueurs that go from sweet to bitter.

. The wine tasting in Toledo region is one of the most popular activities carried out by visitors and during your stay in the city, visiting the most important cellars.