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A spectacular setting for diving
Taking a bath in the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic is always a pleasure, but the experience becomes unforgettable when it is also done in one of the many natural pools in the Canary Islands. The archipelago is especially rich in these natural resources, also in these types of pools, all of them full of charm and beauty that is impressive.

Natural pools are watertight spaces in which, due to their natural constitution, sea water penetrates without the intervention of human hands other than to condition the environment with stairs, walkways or trampolines. Therefore, they are a must for all visitors who, in addition to a refreshing dip, seek perfection in the authentic and natural.

An alternative and relaxing bath in Fuerteventura
Fuerteventura is synonymous with infinite beaches of fine blonde sand. However, its west coast, with its fiercer waves, hides treasures that cannot be waived if the contrast is sought. Aguas Verdes, in Betancuria, is one of them and perfectly summarizes the wide range of unspoilt natural pools in the Canary Islands. About six kilometers are dotted with puddles and sea inlets worthy of a visit if the priority is relaxation and isolation without human footprints.

Excursion and virgin puddles in Betancuria
The closest human signs to this collection of pools are the asphalt road that leads to the site and the dirt tracks that connect to the puddles. Before enjoying the sun and the water, it is little strange to see local squirrels, an attraction that is completed by the large crabs that populate the rocks. The baths in the clean and warm waters are the perfect cherry to understand this visit as an alternative excursion on the island of the beaches.

The most familiar and peaceful natural pool on La Gomera
If you are looking for quiet baths in La Gomera, you should choose this puddle. Definitely. In Valle Gran Rey, one of the most beautiful and contrasted corners of the Canary Islands, this natural pool delights adults and children. While the high tide leaves a pleasant lake for all ages, the partial withdrawal of water gives priority to the little ones in a puddle that, of course, will almost always be protected from the open sea

Ideal puddle of Valle Gran Rey with sand and many services nearby
The puddle owes its name to the lord of the island after the Castilian conquest of the 15th century. Its easy access from an attached road, the litter bins, the cleaning, the vegetation and the sand to leave towels and put umbrellas become a perfect cocktail for family enjoyment in the sun guaranteed almost all year round. The proximity of several towns and other beaches completes an ideal offer to spend a round day of sea, food and relaxation.

Virgin natural pools in the south of Lanzarote
Nature as an architect is unmatched. The unspoilt natural pools of Los Charcones are located in the south of Lanzarote, a five-minute drive from Playa Blanca. A collection of puddles of various sizes, depth and shapes brighten the view after seeing how humans can achieve the opposite by passing through the nearby, unfinished and abandoned hotel in the area.

One of the most beautiful puddle areas in the Canary Islands
Despite the contrast, or precisely for that reason, Los Charcones has it all to rest and enjoy a book, a pleasant company or the most comforting solitude. From puddles for relaxing baths to launching areas, nearly two kilometers from the Pechiguera lighthouse offer a continuous trickle of very attractive unspoilt natural pools. Its access by dirt track, the waves of the open sea and the usual winds are more than offset by a natural design that makes you fall in love.

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