Ripolles region in Catalonia Spain

Ripolles region in Catalonia Spain El Ripollés is a Catalan region located in the Girona region, in the Ripoll, Ribas and Camprodón valleys. It borders with the regions of Baja Cerdaña, Berguedá, Osona and La Garrocha in Spain, and with Vallespir, Conflent and Alta Cerdaña in France. Ripoll: The biggest tourist attraction in the capital

Besalú. Girona. Spain

The original name of Besalú was Bisuldunum and as the name indicates, it was a fortress between two rivers: the Fluviá to the south and the Capellades to the north.Belonging to the region of La Garrotxa, in Catalonia, Besalú is a medieval town located at an altitude of 150 meters, currently famous for its medieval